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Wisdom in Story - Parable of the King's Servants

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Parable of the King's Servants


     SomewhParable of the King's Servantsere out there in this wide world, or it could have been another, a great and wise king governed a land of many people, his servants. One day, he thought to determine the value of his servants, so arranged a certain course for them to follow, gathered them together, and presented to them his plan.

      He explained that the course he had made would include many obstacles and challenges. Then he asked that each of his servants participate. At first many were hesitant, until it was announced that tremendous amounts of gold and silver had been placed at the end of the course. Then the excitement among men boiled over and they anxiously awaited for the time to come when the king would send them.

      That time did arrive and the king proclaimed the beginning of the course. However, with the proclamation he gave a charge.

      "Each of you," said he, "May have all of the treasure you can carry, and you may use it as you wish, however, I demand, at a certain time when I shall call you, that you return to me and report to me of all of your findings and what you have gained by them."

      So then each and every one of his servants took to the course. The greater part, the competitive and strong ones, rushed quickly ahead pushing aside any who stood in their way, led in the course and remained there until its end. The lesser part of the people, the simple and weak, stood aside as the many rushed by. They followed behind, never able to keep up. The challenge and competition had lost its effect and after only a short time, they had lost hope in ever reaching first the gold and silver treasure. They settled to a slow pace, then eventually to a walk.

      Now, of course, the greater part of the people did reach the great pile of gold and silver first. And they stuffed their pockets and filled their bags with the wonderful heavy metals. Then they hurried away, back to the cities from where they had come, for there was much to do with gold and silver. They had no time to waste.

      In time, the lesser part of the people also arrived at the end of the course. And they too found the gold and silver, for there was still plenty remaining. Along the way, however, and just when they had given up hope of getting any of the promised gold and silver, they discovered many surprising and unexpected treasures; diamonds, rubies, sapphires, emeralds and many other beautiful gems, some hidden and some in plain view.

      Finding gems became an exciting adventure and each discovery brought them new joy. They became so involved in their searching that their time and travel was lost in so doing.

      When they finally arrived at the gold and silver, their pockets and bags were so full of precious gems that they had no room for the valued metals. They couldn't and wouldn't trade their sacred gems for gold and silver, so they returned to their homes with gems.
Years passed and the time came when the king's servants should return to him, to report their findings and what they had gained by them.

      The greater part of the people came before the king and told him of the great treasures of gold and silver they had found.

      "We," said they, "have gained the honor, glory and pride of the world. We gained power and wealth, selfishness and lust."

      The lesser part of the people then also came before the king to report what they had found.

      "We too found the treasure of gold and silver, but we had no room in our bags for it. As we ventured along the way, we discovered many beautiful gemstones. We collected so many that our bags were full when we arrived at the gold and silver, and our gems were too precious and worthy of our keeping to sacrifice for the valued metals. As we journeyed and discovered, we learned to treasure each individual gem and value its uniqueness. We gained friendship, knowledge, wisdom, love and joy. We gained peace within and quiet appreciation for all."

      To the greater part of the people, the king then spoke. "Depart from me." Said he. "You have already your reward; you have proven your worth; you have no place here in my kingdom."

      Then to the lesser part of the people he said. "Well done. The gems along the course, I scattered myself that my meek, humble and pure in heart servants might find them. You have also proven your worth. You are mine and I will own you."
So the last were first and the first were last. So it was and so it is.


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Parable of the King's Servants is a story excerpt from Wisdom's Way: Tales, Treasures, Truths

Copyright 2010 Steven A. Barben


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