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Wonder in Stone - Chalcedony

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      Today has Gold-filled Wire Wrapped Carnelian Pendantnot been one of your favorite days. Activities have been canceled; projects have failed; and friends have not been particularly kind. You feel dark and murky inside, like the whole world is a black hole. You wish you could somehow escape the entire universe.
      You're sitting at the edge of stream listening to the splashing water and watching bubbles float around until they disappear. You toss a stick upstream and follow it past you and far away downstream. You throw a rock and see its splash and ripples disintegrate into the rushing current.
      You lean your head against the trunk of a giant tree. Its roots stretch out into the water. You gaze deep into the pool below. Your eyes capture the many smooth round stones on its bottom. The moss is flowing beneath the water like the mane of a horse in the wind. You feel quiet and peaceful. There's a growing warmth inside of you that you cannot explain.Sterling Silver Wire Wrapped Chrysoprase Pendant
      You gaze deeper now into the pool. There is much more there than you ever imagined. You are taking a journey to wonderful sights and places. Marvelous events happen before your eyes. This is the most exciting adventure you have ever taken.
      You abruptly awaken. You hadn't realized you were asleep. You feel calm and cleansed. You gaze again into the pool. You see only the reflection of yourself. You are beautiful. The dark muddiness of anger and frustration has left you. It must have been swept downstream. It has miraculously been replaced with clear pristine thoughts and warm comforting feelings.                                                                                                                                        You are trying to remember your journey beneath the pool. You have forgotten most of it. You realize that it was your life, your future. You want to bring it all back. It has gone; only glimpses remain. You feel happy. Whatever life may bring; you know you have a bright future. You want to fly, to run, to celebrate your wonderful life.



COMPOSITION: Silicon dioxide, sometimes with iron and other mineral impurities. Sterling Silver Wire Wrapped Chalcedony Rose Pendant
COLOR/DESCRIPTION: Vary in color from clear to white or light brown to black, sometimes reddish tinted; Chalcedony Roses are a unique swirled, bubbly, twisted and contorted form of chalcedony. Since chalcedony is the mother stone of agates and jaspers, polished chalcedony, including the uniquely shaped Chalcedony Roses, take on the same shiny appearance.
LOCATION/ORIGIN: Formed in sedimentary and igneous (volcanic) environments as micro-crystalline precipitates from aqueous solutions, dehydration of opal or low temperature volcanic activity, often filling cavities in cooling lava. Various kinds of chalcedony are found in many locations throughout the world; Chalcedony roses are often found in the deserts of the American southwest and in Central and South America.
HISTORY/FOLKLORE/USES: Chalcedony was used with silver anciently in making chalices. This combination was thought to protect the liquid inside from poisoning or contamination. It was also thought that chalcedony had the power to drive away "phantoms and visions of the night." It is said to ease bad dreams and eye problems; helps the gall bladder, bones, spleen, blood, and circulatory organs; promotes healing of open sores.
EMOTION/MOOD: Cleansing stone, eases self-doubt, brings objective and constructive reflection and an open enthusiastic persona; soothes depression and promotes good will.
OCCUPATION: Child Care, Homemaker, Midwife, Social Worker.

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Note: Minor sources may include, but are not limited to a variety of printed and online sources. “An Agate Kind of Tale” is an original story by Steven A. Barben – author of this blog.

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