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Wonder in Stone - Howlite

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        You’reSterling silver wire wrapped Howlite Pendant sitting in a chair, swinging forward and back and looking out across some fantastic scenery. It’s a gentle day. There are a few puffy clouds in the sky and the big yellow ball above you seems extraordinarily bright. You watch a snowdrift fall from a tall dark pine tree and collapse upon meeting the ground below. You follow the flight of a blue and black jay as it glides through towering pines. You feel a peaceful serenity here.

        It’s time for you to get off your chair. You get out of it quickly and slide down a ramp. You pull your hat down over your ears and goggles over your eyes. You bring the tips of your skis parallel and push off with your poles. You feel a rush of energy as your speed increases. You cut and weave through the snow. You feel rhythmic cold sensations as powdered snow crosses your face. You turn your skis to 90o, cut the snow hard and stop. You’ve come about half way down the mountain now. You lean against a tree and take in a deep breath of cold clean uncontaminated air. You meditate upon your own life and appreciate the adventurous experiences in your present and past. You feel free, independent and very much in control of your life.

        Another skier halts to a stop beside you. It’s Charlie. He’s in a racing mood and challenges you to beat him to the bottom. He thrusts his skis over the ridge before you have turned your own around. You’re not much in the mood to race him, but whatever.
Charlie has a lead of about fifty yards. You think you are slightly gaining on him, but he is moving very fast, maybe too fast. You’re thinking Charlie better cut a sharp turn now, before it’s too late for him to make the bend.

        It’s too late. You witness an explosive eruption of powdered snow and the disappearance of Charlie. You see only an outline of his body form in a snow bank. You slow yourself and stop. You watch the last remaining glittering snow particles float and settle to the ground. For a moment you wonder if Charlie is all right. You notice some movement in the snow. He’s fine, you think.

       “Hold still Charlie!” You call out. “I need to get a picture.” You laugh.
       Charlie is not able to comment.
       “O.K. Charlie, you can come out now.” You yell to him. You laugh more.
        There is more movement in the snow bank, snow collapses around his body form and Charlie reappears. He looks like an abominable snowman. You are still laughing.         Charlie is not amused.
       “I didn’t know you wanted to play hide and seek.” You say. “There were better places to hide up top.”
        Charlie begins laughing with you.
        “Race you to the bottom.” You say.
        Charlie is not in the mood.





DENSITY: 2.5-2.6
COMPOSITION: Calcium borosilicate hydroxide.
COLOR/DESCRIPTION: White with lines and patches of clear gray to black; polishes well, but the brilliance is often hidden by the white color of the stone.
LOCATION/ORIGIN: California, Nova Scotia; forms in evaporite deposits in arid or desert regions with other boron minerals.
ZODIAC: Gemini.
MYTHICAL PROPERTIES: Calms stress, fear, anger and rage.
EMOTION/MOOD: A stone of tranquility, quiet beauty, emotional balance, observational reasoning, patience, control in surrounding chaos.
OCCUPATION: Farmer, Rancher, Hunter, Fisherman, General Outdoorsman.


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