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Wonder in Stone - Bloodstone

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Jemel Stone Pendants 



      You'reBloodstone in sterling silver wire with a group of friends on a high adventure hike, which really means a combination of hiking, climbing over large boulders, cliff hanging and overcoming whatever other obstacles Mother Nature can put in your way. You are all walking along a fairly narrow ridge when your friend Peter decides he wants to see how close he can get to the edge.

       Now you do consider yourself a risk taker.  You've tried some crazy and even scary things at times.  You have, however, drawn your personal line of caution, and at this specific moment, Peter has just crossed that line.  You are very aware that the rock and soil on either side of the ridge is worse than unstable sediment.  You try to warn Peter, explaining that he is in a dangerous situation.  He laughs and reminds you of your own high-risk reputation.  As you open your mouth to reason the difference, there is a sudden loud crash. A great cloud of dust appears.  Peter has disappeared along with the abutment he was standing upon.

       You jump back suddenly in surprise and shock.  You feel like you're going to panic when you realize that Peter is probably injured very badly or maybe dead.  You focus.  Now is the time for action, you think to yourself.  You must get down to Peter.  You take your climbing rope and tie it around a gnarled tree root growing out of the rocks.  The tree doesn't look so stable either, but you cross your fingers and hope it holds. 

       You call out for someone to go for help.  Several friends leave immediately.  You remind the rest to stay and wait.  You can see Peter lying on his back upon a shelf of rock.  He has fallen about sixty feet.  He's alive.  You can hear him moaning.Bloodstone in gold-filled wire

   You begin your descent.  Rocks cascade down the steep cliff face with every step you take.  You try to steady yourself using the rope as little as possible.  Finally your feet touch the rock shelf.  You hurry, untie your rope and rush over to Peter.  He has a gash in his right leg and is bleeding severely.  You tear a piece from your shirt to make a tourniquet; then wrap up his leg.  You tell him he'll be fine and try to make him comfortable. You both wait.

       Rescuers arrive.  They secure your rope to something more stable than the tree root; then hurry down.  They throw more ropes down and haul Peter up to the ridge. They tell you that you may well have saved Peter's life and take him down the mountain.  You feel like you've done something wonderful for Peter, but also wonder if there was something more you could have done before he crossed that line of caution.



Bolldstone bead in sterling silver wire


DENSITY: 2.65   


COMPOSITION:  Silicon dioxide with iron and other mineral impurities. 

COLOR/DESCRIPTION: Dark green with blood red, brown or yellow spots and splotches; a form of jasper, appearance and luster like other jaspers; identified by red in green color contrast. 

LOCATION/ORIGIN: India; Formed in sedimentary and igneous (volcanic) environments as microcrystalline precipitates from aqueoussolutions, dehydration of opal or low temperature volcanic activity, often filling cavities in cooling lava. 

HISTORY/FOLKLORE/USES: Named Bloodstone for its red spots resembling drops of blood.  This stone is also known as Heliotrope, its more ancient name from the Greek helio (sun) and trepein (turning).  It was thought to give water a reddish hue when placed in it, causing the water to give red reflections when touched by sunlight.  From this tradition came the notion that Bloodstone had the power to turn the sun itself red which encouraged weather extremes: thunder, high winds and rain.  It was thought by the Egyptians to calm the wrath of kings and tyrants and open the doors and walls of bondage.

EMOTION/MOOD: The stone of courage, vitality and strength; stimulates courage in overcoming obstacles and avoiding danger; strengthens honesty and integrity in relationships. 

OCCUPATION: Athlete, Executive, Policeman, Soldier, Fire Fighter.

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