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Chalcopyrite Pendant Wire Wrapped 14/20 Gold Filled

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Chalcopyrite in Copper-Ironstone Matrix Pendant Wire Wrapped in 14/20 Gold Filled Round Wire

An eye catching attractive natural stone displays a patchy flashy metallic golden bronze within a brown to metallic black copper-ironstone matrix; quartz and feldspar host rock also present on stone back. While presented reasonably well with most colors of clothing, it is best worn with brown based (brown, red, orange, yellow/gold), earth tone, and dark colors vs. gray based (gray/silver, green, blue, purple), bright, and light colors, very nice with black; also a good conversation piece. A patchy gold-bronze, spider webbed with a fine metallic black line pattern of a non-standard shape and contour, make this stone most appealing to an artistic or naturalistic view.

Description: Patchy metallic golden bronze spider webbed with metallic black lines, opaque irregular pentagon shaped stone, wrapped in 22 gauge gold filled wire.

Stone Size: Medium (1” x 13/16” x 9/16”).

Pattern: Patchy metallic golden bronze with metallic black spider web separation.

Contour: Low angle flat face.

Unique Features: Unusual golden bronze metallic color and black metallic spider web pattern; slightly recessed patchy surface with some pitting and natural unpolished and semi polished areas

Polish: Mostly high gloss, brilliant; some areas, especially on back of stone, unpolished to semi-polished.

Edges: Smooth, slightly domed, nearly flat.

Treatment: None: natural stone; shaped, smoothed and polished only.

Comment: This stone is natural chalcopyrite. The brilliant multi-color dominant blue-purple “peacock ore”, often sold as chalcopyrite, is not. It is rather another mineral called Bornite. Although Chalcopyrite can naturally oxidize and tarnish over time to become Bornite, it is rarely as brilliant as the “peacock ore” available for sale. Most of the “peacock ore” currently in the market is Chalcopyrite that has been converted to Bornite through heat treatment. Heat treatment, however, weakens the structure of the stone, so most peacock ore is sold only as rough pieces, even as jewelry, because the stone will not endure polishing processes, but will most often break apart. A unique, handmade, genuine semi-precious stone pendant, this piece is posted individually, not merely a representative item - what you see is what you get.

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