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Sterling Silver .925 Vintage Patterned Rings, Wedding Rings, Gold Rings, Seven Design Choices

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Sterling Silver Vintage Patterned Rings, Wedding Rings

These antique styled sterling silver rings feature vintage patterned designs (mill designs of these patterns are no longer made), custom handmade by Carlos T. Portilla, a retired master jeweler, through the roll mill process, rather than cast as most modern rings are. While these patterned bands are beautiful for any occasion, they are also highly symbolic for matrimony and unity, so make special unique choices for wedding bands.

Rings made by the roll mill process have many advantages over cast rings. Roll milled rings are:

  • Less porous and therefore structurally stronger.
  • Less brittle and more malleable, so can be more easily stretched or sized without cracking or breaking.
  • Easier to melt or solder without causing heat damage.
  • Less detail limited; can be made in finer design detail than is possible in cast rings.
  • Handmade and individualized rather than mass produced.

Ring Description/Pattern (widths and thicknesses are approximate):

            #1 – Flowers and Vines: a fine curling vine pattern with occasional subtle flowers; vines are a symbol of growth, regeneration, divinity, life, faith, bounty, abundance, and binding unity; flowers symbolize love, loyalty, innocence, purity, cheer and simplicity.

            Ring Size: 6 to12 including half sizes Width – 4.25mm, Thickness – 2mm

            #2 – Diamond Facet Motif: like the diamond stone, a diamond shape symbolizes light and life, purity, spiritual power, perfection, faithfulness and promise.

            Ring Size: 6 to12 including half sizes Width – 4.5mm, Thickness – 1.6 mm

            #3 – Lomo de Corvina or Curb Chain Link: a linked chain symbolizes immortal or divine connection, unity in purpose, and eternal love.

            Ring Size: 6 to12 including half sizes Width – 4 mm, Thickness – 2 mm

            #4 – Stylized Dome: The dome is symbolic of heavenly, divine, timeless or eternal, and perfection.

            Ring Size: 6 to12 including half sizes Width – 4.5 mm, Thickness – 2.25 mm

            #5 – Flower Wreath: the twisted lines in this pattern are also representative of vines that form the wreath, so the symbolism is the same as ring #1, but with added symbolism of the wreath, its circular shape representing a never ending or eternal path, continual growth, and everlasting love and life.

            Ring Size: 6 to12 including half sizes Width – 4.25 mm, Thickness – 2 mm

            #6 – Entwined Vines or Twisted Cord: In addition to the meaning of “vines” from ring #1, symbolism for entwined or twisted is conjunction or conjoining, especially the spiritual conjoining of love.

             Ring Size: 6 to12 including half sizes Width – 4.25 mm, Thickness – 2 mm  

            #7 – Fluer de Lis (Flower of Lily): a stylized flower (lily) used as historically to represent French Catholics and as a French symbol for royalty and purity. It was also representative (the lily flower) of the Virgin Mary and St. Joseph, with further meaning of “divinely appointed”

            Ring Size: 6 to12 including half sizes Width – 4.75 mm, Thickness – 1.75 mm

Ring sizes smaller (4-5) and Larger (13-14) for example are also available on request through our contact page or e-mail (bottom of home page or any product page).

All rings are made to order and will require 3 to 5 business days additional to our standard (within 3-5 day) shipping time (in total within 6-10 business days).

Any of these ring design patterns can also be made from 14K or 18K, Yellow or White Gold, but as gold prices vary and fluctuate widely, they will only be made by special request based on current gold prices at the time the request is made. Solitaire or incorporated stones (diamonds, cubic zirconias, etc.) can also be added to any of these rings, also by request and for additional charge.

If you would like to order a ring in gold, with or without stones, please contact us directly though our contact page or e-mail to request a quote. After a quote has been provided, please accept or reject the quote within 3 days. If we haven’t heard from you after 3 days have passed, we will assume that the quote was rejected and a new request will be required for a another new quote based again on current gold prices at that time.

Since we keep very little gold in our inventory, most often, gold, for rings to be made, will be ordered after a quote is accepted and the ring is ordered. Therefore additional time, another 4 to 6 business days, are required before a ring is finished and shipped. Generally, you should expect to receive your gold ring about 2 to 3 weeks after ordering.

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