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35% Off - Quartz Crystal Splash Cluster Pendant Wire Wrapped .925 Sterling Silver

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35% Off Original Price - Quartz Crystal Splash Cluster Pendant Wire Wrapped in .925 Sterling Silver Round Wire


This inspiring crystal cluster exhibits light milky white to almost pure transparent reflective and refractive quartz crystals radiating out from two colliding centers, hence it is a rare and unusual kind of cluster we call a crystal splash. While the crystals are clear, they radiate from light brown chalcedony centers, so the actual crystal cluster appears as an ice gray-white. Still very versatile, it can be worn with most colors of clothing, similar white and/or light gray clothing should be avoided due to blending. Crystal clarity may appeal to a purist view, but almost all other characteristics suit better an artistic or naturalistic viewpoint.

Description: Clear, natural, organic shaped transparent crystal cluster wrapped in 22 gauge .925 sterling silver wire.

Cluster Size: Large (1-1/2” x 1” x 5/8”).

Pattern: Radiating crystal with multiple reflecting and refracting surfaces.

Contour: Multiple jagged, angular crystal points and edges, front surface; back is partially ground smooth, but not flat.

Unique Features: Light milky white to near flawless clear crystals; multiple reflective and refractive surfaces; unusual cluster structure.  

Polish: Natural, unpolished but brilliant.

Edges: Natural, quite sharp crystal points and edges.

Treatment: None: natural mineral crystal cluster.

Comment: For reference and clarification, a crystal splash defines stones with crystals radiating 180 degrees or more around a central point. Stones with crystals radiating less than 180 degrees are called crystal sprays. A unique, handmade, genuine semi-precious stone pendant, this piece is posted individually, not merely a representative item - what you see is what you get.