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Jadeite Jade Carved Bead Pendant Wire Wrapped .925 Sterling Silver

  • 2800

This delightful, refreshing stone is best worn with most pastel colors. It also makes an attractive contrast color with medium to dark colors of clothing. Earth tone colors are fine as well. Avoid pale yellow and yellow-green colors, however, as this stone blends into them.

Description: Pale green-white, spherical carved, translucent drilled stone wrapped in 22 gauge sterling silver.

Stone Size: Small (9/16” x 9/16” x 9/16”).

Pattern: Carved translucent green-white with some internal white patches.

Contour: Carved, spherical.

Unique Features: Carving pattern and internal colorations.

Polish: Waxy.

Edges: Smooth, carved.

Comment: A unique, handmade, genuine semi-precious stone pendant, this piece is posted individually, not merely a representative item - what you see is what you get.

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