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Wisdom in Story - Two boys and a Wounded Dove

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Two Boys and a Wounded Dove

      Giving heed to the common misdeeds of youth, two boys once wounded a dove. Calling out in a silent cry of pain, the bird fell from the treetops to the ground. The boys then hurried to their vulnerable, innocent victim. One of the boys quickly picked up a large stone and said to the other: "Our families, friends and peers will soon hear this bird's squawking and know what we've done. Let us end this bird’s cries with its death."

      However the other boy had pity on the bird's suffering and misery. "Rather," said he, "let us take the bird, care for its wounds, repair, if possible, the damage we have done and set the dove free."

   Now you may wonder what the two boys did with the dove. Oh, I'll tell you what they did.While one boy looked upon the bird with regret, sorrow and compassion, the other boy tortured and killed the beautiful dove.

      So now then, as you consider the actions of each of these two boys, you may also wonder why they did as they did; and it should be of interest and to your benefit to ponder upon their attitudes and intentions. But it doesn't so much matter what these boys did with this dove. More important: what will you do with yours?


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Two Boys and a Wounded Dove is a story excerpt from Wisdom's Way: Tales, Treasures, Truths

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