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About Us

Welcome to Jemel's world of unique artistically wired stone jewelry (mostly pendants). Jemel was born from a love and passion for the wonderful variation and beauty of natural stones, minerals, crystals, and fossils and the art of wire wrap. Originally our stone pendants were sold through a retail establishment at a mall location. since that location has closed, we have decided to offer our gems to the world online.

At Jemel, we take more of an artistic approach than that of either a purist or a naturalist, which is reflected in many of our pieces. We value the pattern and variation, internal refraction and reflection, free form and organic shape, and the unique and unusual of the artistic style over solid consistent color, flawless clarity, standard geometric shape, and general sameness of the purist; or the raw, rough or semi-polished style of the naturalist. Nevertheless, typical is not always, so many of our pieces still meet the desires for either purist or naturalist. We also like to let some natural character remain in some stones if it adds to artistic value, uniqueness, beauty, and/or helps individualize a stone for its wearer. Stone characteristics may include natural vugs and crystal voids, holes, pockets, rough and semi-rough edges and surfaces, surface splits, internal fractures, inclusions, etc. all such features are clearly disclosed in item descriptions as well.

For our visitors we offer:

Artistically Designed Jewelry:
Jemel currently offers sterling silver and gold filled wire wrap designs simple enough to enhance the natural beauty of each stone and just complicated enough to make each piece artistically interesting.

Natural Stone Beauty:
While many choose a gem world of imitations, synthetic materials, and colored glass; at Jemel we prefer to remain in the natural world of discovery where treasures are found rather than made. we offer carefully selected polished, shaped, or faceted natural stones with possibly a few interesting exceptions. Any exceptions, however, will be clearly identified.

Uniquely Yours:
Because our methods are open to wide variation, the resulting pieces of jewelry are truly exclusively unique. You can be assured that any created piece of ours will be uniquely yours.


Contact information:


1549 West 525 South

Orem, Utah 84058


PN: (801)369-9826