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Wisdom and Wonder - Introduction

Posted by Steven Barben on


Jemel Wisdom and Wonder Blog Series Coming Soon

       A pleasant path into the wisdom and wonder of nature

 By introduction and announcement, Jemel will soon be posting a bi-weekly to           weekly blog series composed of a variety of subject matter, typically under one of three main categories with some miscellaneous posts as well.


The main categories will be: 

  • Wisdom in Story – Currently these will simply be thoughts, tales, or short stories from the book Wisdom’s Way: Tales, Treasures, Truths - available at,,,,, and many other online booksellers.These stories are not intended to be read as many of today’s popular stories, novels, or books for excitement, adventure, or entertainment; rather, for the visitor/reader’s careful/thoughtful consideration, contemplation, interpretation, or interest. 

  • Wonder in Stone – These posts are precious and semi-precious stone spotlights. They will include scientific facts, historical information, some mythical uses and beliefs, and personality story examples for each spotlighted stones’ use as a symbol of moral values and integrity.
  • The Stone Truth – This topic concerns the changing meanings/definitions of terms relating to stones/gems. Posts under this subject are intended to clarify modern names of stones, metals, etc., in relation to historical, traditional, and commercial meanings. Also included are posts regarding terms defining stone characteristics, interesting effects, properties, etc., and some explanation concerning and insights for detecting real vs artificial stones and various artificial enhancements.


To receive blog posts directly, we invite you to opt in to our email list (fill in short form on Jemel news/updates main blog page). Otherwise, check regularly for updates.

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