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About Us

Welcome to Jemel's world of wisdom and wonder. Jemel is a small, growing,  online store dedicated to providing our visitors and customers with words of thoughtful consideration in tale or short story form, and unique artistically wired jewelry (mostly pendants) with a variety of other jewelry items and accessories as well.

Jemel began as part of another store "Tushar Mountain"  in  May of 1995 at the University Mall in Orem, Utah. Tushar Mountain, however, closed 4 years later after discovering that the mall management's new contract offer was only advantageous to them. After continued interest, encouragement, and passion for jewelry making and inspiring writing, Jemel officially began doing business again from a home location in August of 2004,  with an online presence starting in June, 2015. Jemel is currently online only.

To our visitors we offer wisdom in the form of short story and wonder in the fascinating beauty of natural stone.

We currently celebrate wisdom in story with the book "Wisdom's Way: Tales, Treasures, Truths" - a collection of short stories, tales, fables, short thoughts, etc. Filled with symbolism and meaning, this is a book for careful reading and consideration, rather than excitement or entertainment. It helps readers to see from multiple viewpoints, attitudes and perspectives foundational for understanding ourselves, other people, and various aspects of our societies, which should lead to meaningful self-evaluation, self-improvement, and ultimately better, wiser, decision making.

We bring you wonder in stone by providing:

Natural Stone Beauty:
While many choose a gem world of imitations, synthetic materials, and colored glass; at Jemel we prefer to remain in the natural world of discovery where treasures are found rather than made. we offer carefully selected polished, shaped, or faceted natural stones with a few interesting exceptions. Any exceptions, however, will be clearly identified.

Artistic Designs:
Jemel offers sterling silver and gold filled wire wrap artistic designs simple enough to enhance the natural beauty of each stone and just complicated enough to make each piece artistically interesting.

Uniquely Yours:
Because our methods are open to wide variation, the resulting pieces of jewelry are truly exclusively unique. You can be assured that any created piece of ours will be uniquely yours.


Contact information:


P.O. Box 970371

Orem, Utah 84097


PN: (801)369-9826