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Sodalite Stone Pendant Wire Wrapped .925 Sterling Silver

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Sodalite Stone Pendant Wire Wrapped in .925 Sterling Silver Wire

An enlivening stone of very deep dark blue with some lighter blue and white accents; some adularescence (moonstone effect) can also be seen on its front face. Best worn with white and various shades of blue; but quite versatile, and many dark, bright, pastel and earth tone colors also wear well, especially black, grays, brown and beige/tan, and orange/coral hues. It is nicely worn with red, yellow and many green colors, but avoid wearing with light to bright yellow-greens, as they tend to cause a contrast clash. A rich,nearly solid dark blue color may appeal to the purist view, but slight color differences, non-standard shape, and rare natural adularescence, better suits an artistic view.

Description: A very dark blue stone with lighter blue and white streaks and patches; very rounded rhombohedral, nearly oval shaped, and opaque, wrapped in 22 gauge sterling silver wire.

Stone Size: Medium (1-1/8” x 3/4” x 1/2”).

Pattern: Solid, very dark blue base with lighter blue to white streaks and patches, mostly toward outer edges..

Contour: Smooth, high dome face.

Unique Features: Some adularescence on front face. Some very small natural pits (typical for this stone type) on front right side and back..

Polish: High gloss, brilliant.

Edges: Smooth

Comment: A unique, handmade, genuine semi-precious stone pendant, this piece is posted individually, not merely a representative item - what you see is what you get.


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