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Aquamarine Pendant Wire Wrapped .925 Sterling Silver

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Aquamarine Pendant Wire Wrapped in .925 Sterling Silver Round Wire


A refreshing and uplifting stone of lovely medium ice blue with some visible internal crystal planes from within its polished translucent surface; best worn as a contrast stone against medium to dark colors, and some earth tones; It tends to blend with light blue and blue-green hues but wears well with most other light colors; bright colored clothing can cause some contrast and/or distraction with this stone. A rather consistent light blue translucent to opaque color offers some appeal to a purist view; a non-standard trapezium shape, slanted curved dome contour, and some remaining natural semi-polished to rough features give more appeal to an artistic or naturalistic view.

Description: Translucent to opaque light blue, rounded trapezium shaped, stone wrapped in 22 gauge sterling silver wire.

Stone Size: Large (1” x 1” x 1/2”).

Pattern: Light translucent to opaque blue crystalline surface.

Contour: Smooth slanted and curved low dome face.

Unique Features: Ice blue coloration, internal crystal planes, and some remaining natural semi-polished to rough broken surface areas; left front and bottom back.

Polish: High gloss, brilliant,  

Edges: Smooth.

Treatment: None: natural stone; smoothed and polished only.

Comment: A unique, handmade, genuine semi-precious stone pendant, this piece is posted individually, not merely a representative item - what you see is what you get.

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