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Black Kyanite Crystal Pendant Wire Wrapped .925 Sterling Silver

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Black Kyanite Crystal Pendant Wire Wrapped in .925 Sterling Silver Round Wire

A comforting meditative mineral crystal displaying a complex of radiating fan like acicular crystals of a charcoal to black silvery reflective appearance; very versatile, it wears well with many colors, especially earth tones and lighter colors that provide a nice contrast. Some bright colors may clash, and darker colors of clothing, especially charcoal or black, tend to blend, though the reflective surface can offset the blending effect. The natural acicular crystalline appearance of this natural crystal appeals most to a naturalistic or an artistic view.

Description: Opaque reflective charcoal to black radiating acicular fan shaped crystal complex wrapped in 20 gauge sterling silver wire.

Stone Size: Large (1-7/8” x 11/16” x 7/16”).

Pattern: Brilliant silver reflective charcoal to black radiating acicular crystal spray.  

Contour: Radial striated, low dome face.

Unique Features: Charcoal to black color; silvery reflective surfaces, acicular radiating structure.

Polish: Unpolished, naturally reflective, brilliant.

Edges: Broken stepped surfaces or crystal ends.

Treatment: None; natural mineral crystal complex.

Comment: A unique, handmade, genuine mineral crystal pendant, this piece is posted individually, not merely a representative item - what you see is what you get

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