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Shiva Shell Eye of St. Lucia Pendant Wire Wrapped .925 Sterling Silver

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Shiva Shell Eye of St. Lucia Wire Wrapped in .925 Sterling Silver Round Wire

Shiva Shell Eyes of St. Lucia are the naturally occurring operculum of Turban sea snails. Their beauty is found in the green to brown spiral pattern set within a cream to white background. The white color makes it wear nicely with most colors and color combinations; generally a wear with anything pendant; also of some educational interest, and as a conversation piece; clearly a naturalistic and artistic piece due to color variation and pattern, but also suitable to a purist view due to a near standard teardrop shape, consistent low dome surface contour, near flawless surface and high polish.

Description: A green to brown spiral pattern against a cream to white background, teardrop shaped, opaque operculum shell wrapped in 20 gauge sterling silver wire.

Shell Size: Large (1-1/2” x 1-1/16” x 5/16”).

Pattern: Green to brown spiral against a cream to white background.

Contour: Smooth low dome face.

Unique Features: Spiral pattern; Green and brown wavy patterns against white on stone back.

Polish: Naturally snail organism and wave polished.

Edges: Smooth.

Treatment: None; naturally smoothed and polished

Comment: A unique, handmade, genuine shell pendant, this piece is posted individually, not merely a representative item - what you see is what you get.

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