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Monogram Letter Wire Wrapped Black Onyx Cabochon Pendant

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Wire Monogram Black Onyx Semi-Precious Stone Cabochon Pendant Wire Wrapped in Sterling Silver or Gold Filled Wire

An elegant black onyx semi-precious stone cabochon overlaid with an artistic wire monogram letter available in sterling silver or gold filled wire. The solid black background provides unmatched versatility, so it wears beautifully with practically any color, including black and earth tones. For standard consistency all black onyx cabochons are of solid color, low/high dome oval shape, and the same size.

The pendant pictured is representative only, as wire monogram stone cabochons are custom made to order by choice of letter and metal wire type. Because of the additional time required to make them, shipping times may be from 1 to 3 days later than our given standard. In order to provide all letter and wire combination options, we must make at least one pendant available for each option or 52 choices. We don't, however, keep that many stone cabochons in stock. If you are ordering more than three monogram pendants at one time, let us know in advance, or shipping times may be delayed due to insufficient supply. We also list only one pendant available per letter and wire type. If you will need more than one pendant of the same letter and wire type, please contact us using the contact form at the bottom of any of our website pages with your request, so we can make that option available to you.

Description: Solid black oval shaped, opaque stone, wrapped in 22 gauge sterling silver or gold filled wire.

Stone Size: Medium (1” x 3/4” x 1/4”).

Pattern: Solid black, no pattern.

Contour: Smooth low dome face.

Unique Features: Standard color, shape, and size.

Polish: High gloss, brilliant.

Edges: Smooth.

Treatment: Natural stone cabochons, but may be dyed for color consistency.

Comment: A unique, handmade, genuine semi-precious stone pendant; the pictured piece, however, is representative only. While the possibility exists that a pictured pendant will be sent to you, most ordered pendants will be very similar in color, shape, size, and wire design, but not exactly the same.



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